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历年雅思写作高频题目分析之教育篇朗阁时间:2016-06-12 14:21

摘要:教育话题一直以来都是雅思大作文写作的重中之重。在去年全年的雅思考试中,教育类和工作类话题占比达到了将近 40% 。而且,很多话题就算不是教育类话题,也可能有相应的分论点与教育有着一定的关系。所以,若要准备雅思大作文写作,教育话题肯定是首先要进行准备的。下


1. What kinds of subjects should students learn in school/university?

2. Is school/university education helpful to students in finding their jobs?

3. Who should pay for the educational costs?






1. 很多中学的课程里所教授的科目知识还是非常有用的,虽然可能对以后的工作生活没有什么直接的帮助,但是包含了很多常识,而这些常识与人们的生活是息息相关的。

The fundamental academic knowledge and skills learnt in high school often come in handy for students in their everyday life. Understanding a foreign language offers tourists better traveling experiences since they can communicate and interact with locals directly. Knowledge of electric circuits may help people repair broken appliances or fix short-circuits at home without seeking assistance from professionals. What one learns in biology class is effective in protecting oneself from unhealthy food products such as junk food or desserts served in unsanitary street stalls.

Argument development:

考生可以说这些在高中学习到的知识和技能能够用到日常生活的方方面面。在展开过程中,可以举出三个例子:首先,学习好一门外语可以让游客有更好的旅游体 验,因为他们可以用外语跟当地人很好地交流。第二个例子是学习好物理知识,学生们以后如果遇到家里电器坏了之类的小的电路问题时,完全可以自己解决,很好 地节省了相关的费用。第三个例子是生物课或者化学课学的知识可以让我们知道哪些食品不健康,不能吃路边摊的食品等,避免对我们的健康造成危害。


fundamental knowledge

fundamental: 基本的,根本的

Example: The desire to achieve world peace and human solidarity remains the fundamental message sent by the military parade staged by China on the Victory Day's celebration.

come in handy

handy: 方便的,顺手的

Example: The New Horizons probe may appear to yield few immediate benefits, but the data transmitted back by the device may come in handy for astrophysicists who hope to corroborate their advanced theories with evidences and further unravel mysteries that have continued to puzzle them.

fix short-circuits

fix: 修理,修补

Example: The package of fix for Windows 10 made available by Microsoft soon after the release of the new operating system seems a penny short and a minute late.

serve foods

serve: 提供食物,为...服务,起到...作用 / service n.

Example: Those Afro-American veterans who had served their country in the World War II failed to be treated as well as their white counterparts were.

2. 课外活动的参与可以丰富学生们的业余生活,并且可以让他们学习到新的东西,扩展社交圈

Active participation in extra-curricular activities can widen/broaden one's social circle and diversify their personal interests. Those interested in drama performance, for example, could seize this opportunity to get an insider's view of how drama performance is staged and rehearsed from the beginning to the end; those in the cross country club will probably start to recognize and appreciate the perseverance and hard work it takes for athletes to eventually rise to international fame and success. Students have a greater chance of meeting those who share identical interests and hobbies.

Argument development:

这里展开说到了参加课外活动能够发展学生的社交圈,并且开阔他们的视野和兴趣。比如说,那些对表演非常感兴趣的人可以抓住这个机会更深入地了解戏剧是怎么 排练的;那些参加越野长跑俱乐部的人会终理解那些成功的运动员在为夺取荣誉的过程中所付出的努力。通过这些课外活动,学生们可以很好地认识那些与自己志 同道合的人。


active participation

participation: 参与

Example: Lack of employee participation in the key decision-making process is partly held responsible for the lackluster performance of Mi in recent years.

diversify personal interests

diversify: 分散,广泛化

Example: Microsoft's reckless rush into diversification into Surface Pro and Windows Phone business backfired as vast investment required for business diversification seriously cut into the resources available for the research in its new operating system.


seize the opportunity

seize: 抓住

Example: The western countries seize every opportunity to accuse China of its unwarranted assertion of military prowess in South China and failure to maintain sound multilateral ties with its neighboring countries.

get an insider's view of something

insider: 内部人员的,专业的

Example: This book offers an insider's guide on how to prepare for IELTS exam.

have a greater chance of doing so

chance: 几率,机会

Example: Although the odds are stacked against the team, they remain convinced that there is a chance that they will eventually emerge victoriously.

3. 现在的学费非常贵,很多家庭负担不起。所以,如果学生能够做兼职工作的话,不仅能够负担这些学费,而且也能了解外面的世界,获得相关的工作经验。

Many students are born in impoverished families; the costly tuition fees impose a vast financial burden on them and their family members. The average annual tuition in a typical Chinese university is US 3000, equivalent to annual per capita income in many rural areas. Therefore, taking a part-time job can allow students to scrape a living on their own without having to ask for allowances from their parents. Besides, it also provides them an opportunity to see the real world and gain relevant work experience. However, such experience may not be useful since rarely do employers assign undergraduates to important positions in the company.

Argument development:

很多学生来自贫穷的家庭,对他们来说,学费是很大的经济负担。在中国的大学,平均一年的学费是3000美金,相当于很多农村地区一年的收入。所以,做一份 兼职工作可以让学生不需要问父母要生活费,而且这也可以让学生获得相关的工作经验。然而,问题是这些工作经验有可能并没有什么用,因为这些大学生的兼职工 作并不可能是一些非常重要的工作。


impoverished families

impoverished: 贫穷的,贫瘠的

Example: The impoverished soil will make it impossible for the farmland to continue to churn out the same amount of produce as it did in previous years.

financial burden

burden: 负担 n. / v.

Example: Hospitals, instead of burdening those terminally ill with the devastating news of their medical conditions, often make up a relieving story that assures patients of their health.

equivalent to

equivalent: 相当于

Example: The destructive force of the two consecutive explosions at Tianjin port is equivalent to that of 24 tons of TNT.

allowance: 津贴,补贴

Example: The recommended daily allowance of Vitamin C is 4 to 6 tablets, depending on the physical conditions of individuals.

assign undergraduates to important positions

assign: 分配

Example: He was surprised by the new military assignment that dispatched him to the war zone in Syria when the army there was ready to retreat.

4. 艺术已经演变成为一个行业,并且涉及到数百万人的生计,所以学校应该开设艺术课程。

Unlike the past when arts were often deemed an inaccessible, classy form of spiritual pursuit reserved exclusively for a selected few, contemporary art industry has long been commercialized and evolved into a valid sector supporting the livelihood of millions. Many talent hunt programs, exemplified by American Idol, are searching for those possessing extraordinary artistic talents among the grassroots population; art associations are also burgeoning in number, seeking to provide budding talents/ child prodigy an opportunity to present their works to the world. Therefore, art courses serve an important role in high school curriculum in cultivating and delivering art talents needed by our society.

Argument development:



arts are deemed an inaccessible, classy form of spiritual pursuit

deem: 认为

Example: The vocal protests against the new legislation on same-sex marriage are deemed a reflection of the public attitude.

reserved exclusively for a selected few

exclusively: 全部的,只有

Example: The so-called democratic government exclusively serves the interests of the upper class including merchants and social elites.

commercialize: 商业化

Example: The education sector in China has largely been commercialized, as more investors take advantage of the vulnerability of parents who are willing to stake perhaps their life's fortune on their children's education.

extraordinary artistic talent

extraordinary: 格外的,尤其好的

Example: The extraordinary craftsmanship showcased by the new Lamborghini model justifies its prohibitive price.

budding talents/child prodigy

prodigy: 儿童天才

Example: Without proper upbringing, many child prodigies lapse into mediocrity into their adulthood.

cultivating and delivering art talents

deliver: 送货,发表演讲

Example: President Barrack Obama fails to deliver the promise of health reform it swore to implement, thus tipping the scale of presidential election 2016 in Republican favor.

5. 学生应该学习历史

As globalization is sweeping across the world by storm, plenty of minor indigenous cultures have been largely undermined by the abrasive force of western cultures. While holding the latter in high regard, the younger generation has largely ignored their own cultural identity characterizing their particular race, ethnicity, religion, and people. History courses can educate the youngsters, helping them to rediscover their cultural roots and recover their lost cultural identity since culture and history have always been closely intertwined and weaved into each other during their parallel developments.

Argument development:



sweep across the world

sweep: 席卷

Example: The sweeping juggernaut of industrialization has ushered the entire world in an era of explosive economic growth.

indigenous cultures

indigenous: 本土的

Example: The diverse indigenous tribal cultures have been rapidly assimilated into the mainstream American culture by the late Colonial Period.

undermine: 削弱

Example: Many western economists view the rise of China as a grave threat that undermines the supremacy of western capitalistic powers.

hold something in high regard: 重视

Example: When presidential candidates hold their donors in high regard, small wonder that they will fight for these interest groups that have backed them during the campaign once they are sworn into office.

intertwine: 交织在一起

Example: History and culture are often intertwined together; separating one from the other is impossible.

6. 学生应该学习体育课

The physical well-being of the general population has been largely on the decline. The concerns over food safety issues - addition of toxic chemical in foods for instance - and the widespread popularity of fast food - exemplified by the worldwide trend of McDonalization - have led people to wonder what can be done to reverse the deteriorating health. Sports appear to be the answer. By involving students in physical activities in sports classes, it can help enhance blood circulation and thus reduce the risks of heart diseases and diabetes. Moreover, regular physical exercises can also help one to better concentrate on the learning of academic subjects. After all, continuous, enduring learning will easily wear out the cognitive faculties and drive down learning efficiency.

Argument development:



exemplified by McDonalization

exemplify: 例子,举例

Example: Abraham Lincoln exemplifies the exclusive range of qualities demanded of a superb leader.

reverse the deteriorating health

reverse: 逆转

Example: The government introduces a series of stimulus-package to reverse the trend of economic downturn.

enhance blood circulation

enhance: 提升

Example: The visually enhanced image of photos taken by the new iPhone camera hardly qualifies for an exciting innovation.

wear out cognitive faculties

wear out: 很累,消耗殆尽

Example: The shopping spree truly wears me out.

drive down learning efficiency

drive: 推动

Example: The new electric car drives up the sales of Tesla.

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